Across Chinese Cities is an international program organized and promoted by Beijing Design Week (BJDW) with the collaboration of Beijing Center for the Arts and DONTSTOP architettura.
Launched in 2014 at the International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, it aims at producing unprecedented content and research around the state of producing, thinking and being in the urban condition of today’s China, providing access to the practical and theoretical knowledge generated at the crossroads of its unabated challenges and ambitions.
With the 2016 edition, the organizers have established the ‘Across Chinese Cities Committee’, a permanent association that will work in concert with local and international counterparts to foster cultural debate and exchange between Venice, Chinese and international cities worldwide.

The Across Chinese Cities initiative started in 2014 with Across Chinese Cities- Beijing, an official collateral event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.
The project responded to Rem Koolhaas curatorial framework – Absorbing Modernity – by presenting an investigation into the capital’s spatial program woven into its “otherly modern” project. The exhibition situated its traces by taking the historical district of Dashilar as a case study, while making resonant the sedimental knowledge of archetypal and architectural past throughout the city from the early 1600s.
Following the success of the first edition, the program returns to Venice in 2016 with the official collateral event: Across Chinese Cities – China House Vision. The exhibition likewise finds connection to Reporting from the Front, title chosen by artistic director Alejandro Aravena for the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, by presenting case studies developed around the future of domestic spaces and living environments from different Chinese urban contexts. This is part of an ongoing Asia-wide project of research and analysis of therein found similarities and diversities, e.g. House Vision. Innovation, progress and development that, starting from the habitat of the house, can inspire a rethinking of the city on a human scale.

Beijing Design Week

Beatrice Leanza, creative director Beijing Design Week
Michele Brunello, architect and founder DONTSTOP architettura


DONTSTOP architettura

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